Lanyards/ ID Holders

Grab a cuppa, get comfy and have a browse through some handmade loveliness! 

For your ID, keys, USB stick...... whatever you need to keep handy and not lose! Huge range of designs available. Time to replace that tatty one you got for free from that drug rep in 2007!

Been wearing the same tatty free lanyard for eons promoting some product/ company you have never even heard of? Share your personality at work or school with one of these gorgeous lanyards in a huge range of designs and themes! Florals, animals, music, sports.... whatever you are into there is probably a lanyard to suit. If you are after a specific theme send me a message and I will do my best to source it for you. I do love fabric shopping!

Each lanyard has a breakaway clasp for safety should it get caught or pulled. A swivel lobster clasp for your ID and a keyring for any added extras you need to carry. I highly reccommend giving a wash every now and again! Handwashable and air dry. Why not grab a few so you can rotate or coordinate with your outfit, mood or season.

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Happiness is handmade!